Creativity Courses

Creative outlets—music, scrapbooking, photography, etc.—are personal wellness tools anyone can use. Learn how through this new, self-paced course. A collaboration between DBSA and Lana Castle, author of Finding Your Bipolar Muse, the course discusses how to handle creative barriers, create the time and space you need for your activity, find focus, deal with criticism, and much more.

Launch "Tapping Your Creative Flow," a self-paced course on creative expression.

DBSA expresses its sincere thanks to Lana Castle for her collaboration on this course. Lana is the author of Finding Your Bipolar Muse and Bipolar Disorder Demystified, as well as a speaker and mental health advocate with a passion for the creative arts.

Tip Don't Wait

Depression does'nt wait until Monday. Marie Osmond was to see her son on Monday. She talked to him on Saturday. He committed suicide on Monday before she got there. We don't think someone we love can be hurting so much to want to die. We need to "listen" and "hear" what they are saying to us and do whatever it takes to help them, NOW! Depression is real not imagined, it is serious.