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Daily life is filled with ups and downs...charting them is a great way to spot trends affecting your health and treatment. On DBSA Wellness Tracker, you'll track key mental and physical health trends related to your

  • Overall Mood
  • State of Well-Being
  • Mood Disorder Symptoms
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Physical Health

The Best Bipolar Disorder iPhone and Android Apps of 2017 DBSA Wellness Tracker is an online tool to help you better recognize potential health problems and mood triggers in your daily life. Each section of the DBSA Wellness Report provides helpful information to help you better partner with your clinicians on treatment plans that address your overall health and well-being.

Stay "on track" with DBSA Wellness Tracker. It's easy, takes only a few minutes a day, and like the other tools in the Facing Us Clubhouse, it's free!

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Tip Perfectionism can hurt

I've been told I am too hard on myself, I disagreed at first, but I now think differently. I visited some family in Iceland and learned how people there are encouraged to dabble and explore. It showed me how competitive American culture is: "anything less than perfect is failure." Example: a year before I took up swimming aiming for perfect, but asthma made me quit and I felt very ashamed. I still try hard but now with more modest, realistic goals because perfectionism can be counterproductive.

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