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Personal Story: The Cost of Bipolar Disorder

Video Credit: Jo Jolley, Idaho Falls, ID

Personal Story: Just Me

Video Credit: Wayne Cordell Wilson, Austin, TX

Personal Story: Being Bipolar

Video Credit: Kristen Famiano, Rochester, MI • Music Credit: “Away from the Sun” by 3 Doors Down

Personal Story: What’s It Like Inside of Bipolar Disorder?

Video Credit: Sue H., Bennington, VT

Personal Story: A piece of me…

Video Credit: S. Braun, New York, NY • Music Credit: “In the Backseat” by The Arcade Fire

Personal Story: My Story as a Suicide Survivor

Video Credit: Nora Lamarti

Public Message: The Misunderstood Epidemic

Video Credit: Susan Polis Schutz, Title: Film trailer for “The Misunderstood Epidemic: Depression”

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Tip stream

when i have those yucky thoughts come through my mind, you know the ones that make you think i am really messed up. I visulize a stream with green grass and a low part of the river with rocks i try to hear the flow of the water over the rocks. Then i imagine a piece of trash floating down the stream. I let the trash float past and out of my line of sight. I relate the trash to the weird or stressful thought and let it go. I was told in therapy that our minds bubble up all kinds of stuff but if we pick it up and hold on to the thought we can make ourselves worse. I am only human and i try not to define myself by my worst thoughts.

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