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Original Song: "It's Roof Over Our Heads"

Credit: Nathan S.

Original Song: "Mind So Broken"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Original Song: "Don't Let Me"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Original Song: "Close Your Eyes"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Original Song: "It Is What It Is"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Recovery Topic: 20 Low Cost Tips

DBSA President Sue Bergeson offers “20 Things You Can Do at No or Low Cost to Help You Cope with Depression, Stress, Anxiety or Bipolar Disorder.”

Recovery Topic: 10 Tips for Youth

Ross Szabo, author of “Behind Happy Faces,” shares his perspective on 10 things youth can do to maintain wellness.

Tip Whose voice is that?

Not all voices and Ideas that haunt your mind are true. I started trying self help just a few days ago. I awoke this morning with a gruesome, monstrous demon of depression looming over me telling me that I was wasting my time and that there was nothing that I could do but wait things out. After a good cry, I decided, wait a minute. I must be doing something right to get this obnoxious critter so riled. I like a good challenge. I'm game and, oh, by the way...I win!

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