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The Light

Painting by Pristina J.

Art: Digital Graphic

Hypomania—Rome Loyola

Art: Jewelry

My Recovery from Depression & Anxiety—Sandra B.

Art: Drawing

Cactus Tree—Kurt von Behrmann Online Gallery 48/288

Art: Painting

Depression—Julianne J.

Art: Painting

Fusion—Chelsea S., Madison, WI

Art: Drawing

Many Moods, Many Colors—Rev. Gretta Dahl Hansing, M.S/M.Ed

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Tip On being healthy

If you want to be a writer then you have to write everyday to perfect your craft. The same is with striving to achieve a healthy life. You have to be healthy and live in this everyday. This could be as simple as keeping your meds on scedule or doing one small thing for yourself everyday. Whatever "healthy" means to you live it everyday.

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