Facing Us Radio

Turn up the volume on the Facing Us Radio! Tune in to the winning songs that were voted finalists in our 2008 Music Contest. Create a playlist of your favorites, and listen to them while you visit other rooms in the Clubhouse. Let the music play!

To create or access your personalized playlist from the Facing Us Radio feature, you will need to register on this site. Doing this will create a personal account for you. Drop into the Radio section of the Media Room if you'd like to hear the songs that are available on Facing Us Radio before you register.

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Tip Getting Outside

Going outside at least once a day, and getting out in nature, really helps to put my disorder in perspective: that my depression isn’t everything, and it will pass,. Whether it be walking the dog, weeding the garden, or just sitting on my front steps with a cup of tea listening to the birds really helps me stay connected to something larger then myself, and allows me to feel so much better.